Looking back on the last 100 years, we wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the exceptional leadership of our OREA presidents.


Below are some photos through the years, along with a list of each OREA president that was at the helm of the association since it’s inception in 1922.

R.B. Rice, one of OREA’s founding Members and the first-ever OREA President (1922).

W. H. Bosley served three terms as OREA President, from 1926 to 1928.

Newly elected President, E.L. Lee, addresses delegates at the 53rd OREA Annual General Meeting in 1975.

2004 President L. Leyser (R) presents an award to fellow REALTOR® Cynthia Lai at a ceremony.

2005 OREA President, F. Tahmi (L), and 2006 OREA President, T. Lee (R), at OREA’s Political Affairs Conference.

2009 OREA President, P. Aunger, at OREA’s Political Affairs Conference.

President’s Message found in “The Edge” from 2011 OREA President, B. Sukkau, who later served as the Canadian Real Estate Association
(CREA) President.
2017 OREA President, E. Cardarelli (mid-left), and 2016 OREA President, R. Ferris (mid-right), at Queen’s Park, advocating for tax fairness for REALTORS® with fellow Members.

OREA President, D. Reid, at OREA’s 2018 Ontario REALTOR® Party Conference.

2019 President, K. Cox (L), at the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation’s Motorcycle Ride for Charity.

Leaders of OREA have come from all corners of Ontario.

1922 R. B. Rice, Toronto
1923 A. Simmers, Windsor
1924 G. Gibson, Toronto
1925 F. K. Hamilton, Hamilton
1926 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1927 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1928 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1929 M. H. Lounsbury, Hamilton
1930 H. J. Finch, Windsor
1931 C. W. Ross, Ottawa
1932 C. R. DeMara, Hamilton
1933 C. R. DeMara, Hamilton
1934 A. E. LePage, Toronto
1935 J. C. Suydam, Toronto
1936 J. C. Suydam, Toronto
1937 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1938 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1939 W. H. Bosley, Toronto
1940 C. E. Purnell, Hamilton
1941 C. E. Purnell, Hamilton
1942 C. E. Purnell, Hamilton
1943 C. K. Jutten, Hamilton
1944 C. K. Jutten, Hamilton
1945 R. H. Rice, Toronto
1946 R. H. Rice, Toronto
1947 E. J. Oliver, Ottawa
1948 E. J. Oliver, Ottawa
1949 S. C. Askin, Windsor
1950 S. Chambers, Hamilton
1951 E. C. Brisco, Chatham
1952 B. E. Willoughby, Toronto
1953 P. J. Harvey, Brantford
1954 M. Bosley, Toronto
1955 B. Katz, Ottawa
1956 C. R. Whitney, Kitchener
1957 P. A. Seagrove, Hamilton
1958 F. N. McFarlane, Ottawa
1959 C. W. Rogers, Toronto
1960 P. H. McKeown, Ottawa
1961 K. S. Raven, Kingston
1962 E.B. Fleming, Sault Ste. Marie
1963 R. E. Sanderson, Mississauga
1964 A. Wiebe, Kitchener
1965 D. R. Wymark, Ottawa
1966 E. A. Mitchell, Brampton
1967 R. W. Telford, Toronto
1968 T. N. Shea, Markham
1969 A. Fish, Guelph
1970 L. G. Metcalf, Oshawa
1971 J. H. Boyd, Smiths Falls
1972 G. A. Grisdale, Thunder Bay
1973 T. G. Chambers, Hamilton
1974 G. X. Walker, St. Catharines
1975 E. L. Hoppe, Kitchener
1976 W. D. Allan, Toronto
1977 R. A. Shea, Markham
1978 A. F. Johnson, Georgetown
1979 A. W. Murray, Hamilton
1980 M. W. Park, Toronto
1981 R. H. Pedler, Windsor
1982 P. L. Mason, Toronto
1983 W. J. Dean, Orillia
1984 J. T. Stafford, Kingston
1985 W. D. Hopkins, Brantford
1986 M. S. Lamond, Toronto
1987 F. M. Reardon, Ottawa
1988 J. A. Cathcart, Caledon East
1989 T. E. Mouradian, St. Catharines
1990 M. J. (Knox) Schiedel, Guelph
1991 T. W. Bosley, Toronto
1992 K. T. O’Connor, Niagara-on-the-Lake
1993 J. M. Edwards, Burlington
1994 R. Godsoe, Mississauga
1995 R. E. Leroux, London
1996 R. Wood, Tillsonburg
1997 R. Storring, Tamworth
1998 H. Foy, Brantford
1999 T. Trembinski, Sault Ste. Marie
2000 R. Merkley, Brockville
2001 D. Usher, Toronto
2002 B. Sukkau, St. Catharines
2003 L. Baumgartner, Haliburton
2004 L. Leyser, Stratford
2005 T. Fahmi, Burlington
2006 T. Lee, Smiths Falls
2007 B. Walker, Richmond Hill
2008 G. Weir, London
2009 P. Aunger, Smiths Falls
2010 D. Mason, Markham
2011 B. Sukkau, St. Catharines
2012 R. Abraham, Toronto
2013 P. Dorner, Belle River
2014 C. Poulopoulos, London
2015 P. Verge, Ottawa
2016 R. Ferris, Simcoe
2017 E. Cardarelli, Mississauga
2018 D. Reid, Gravenhurst
2019 K. Cox, Chatsworth
2020 S. Morrison, Burlington
2021 D. Oikle, Ottawa
2022 S. Evoy, London