The Connection of the 2010s

OREA pushes for amendments to legislation that would require home sellers to provide buyers with home energy audits (HER&D), secures an exemption for real estate brokers from having to take mortgage brokerage educations courses, and successfully lobbies for better protection of property owners from mining claims.

Additionally, OREA successfully advocates to allow REALTORS® to use electronic signatures on agreements of purchase and sale (2015), to stop a $1 billion municipal land transfer tax increase (2016), and to introduce the highest professional standards in North America through the Trust in Real Estate Services Act (2020).

A list of OREA products and services circa 2015. Annual OREA Member dues have been $110/year since 2008.

The Don’t Tax My Dream campaign successfully stops a $1 billion municipal land transfer tax increase.

OREA lobbies hard for amendments to HER&D.